Beauty Tips For Brides Before Marriage

Bride is the most important personality in the wedding ceremony. So brides should plan and apply the beauty treatments before Marriage. As every bride want to look beautiful from head to toe on the wedding day. So for the positive radiant look on your wedding day you have to plan for your bridal beauty. If you haven't planned ahead for your bridal beauty and grooming routines you could lead to the wedding-day blues.

Spare Time For Beauty Treatment
Brides do a lot a day or two before their wedding in order to look best, that is not enough. Overloading on grooming and beauty routines just day before is not more than to increase your stress. A bride needs enough time for planning and applying beauty treatments in order to look poised and serene.

Start Beauty Treatment
Planning ahead is very important for setting a schedule that anticipates some of your most important beauty and health needs. Some expert advice, start beauty treatment 3 to 4 months before wedding. But you can begin 30 days before your wedding, for the most important self-care rituals.

Do Monthly Facials
Perhaps nothing is more striking than the natural glow of happiness on the bride skin. In order to have the natural glow schedule a set of monthly facials starting as early as six months before your wedding. Your last facial should not be later than two weeks before the wedding day as it will help your skin look picture perfect.

Treat Acne and Dandruff
Another big issue can be the pimples that can ruin your look as they cannot completely be concealed with makeup. If your skin is prone to acne, you require getting it checked by a dermatologist who can set down a treatment for it. You will also have to check your diet. Oily foods and indigestion are all culprits of acne. Dandruff can also lead to acne on your face. It is best to consult a skin specialist well in advance as it will take some time to get this problem under control. With the use of proper medications and right products, you can get rid of acne before your wedding day.

Scars Treatment
After acne has gone the next issue which lingers is its scars. These can be deep pits or spots on the skin which refuse to lighten. However they may be easier to cover with the help of make-up. To get rid of them, you can opt for treatments like fractional lasers and chemical peels.

Hair Care Routine
Hair are also important like your skin. Improper hair care leads to lifeless hair. On your wedding your hairs deserve proper shine so for this purpose you should follow simple tips like keeping it well-nourished with a weekly oil champi, using a suitable shampoo according to your hair type. Do not blow drying your hairs too often as it can damage them. Go for a haircut to keep split ends at bay. At home you can use ingredients like amla, henna and eggs for lasting shine of hairs.

Reduce Working Hour and Take Rest
Long working hours, stress and lack of sleep can often result in dark circles under the eyes or puffiness. You can cover them with make-up but it is good to reduce them to look fresh and naturally beautiful on your wedding ceremony. Apply under-eye gels to keep this delicate skin hydrated, use vitamin A derivates or cold compress to reduce puffiness.

Pedicure and Manicure
Pedicure and manicure before your wedding is also very important for feet and hand care. It will help you to cover the problems like ingrown nails, calluses, cracked nails and heels etc. Many a times, you tend to pay no attention to these as they don’t sound that important but taking good care of them is also essential or else it can spoil your look which you observe only later in the photographs.
In this article some useful tips for bride before marriage have given that will assist you to look special and gorgeous on your wedding day. Plan ahead your wedding beauty care and make you feel cool, calm and confident. I am looking for your feedback. You can leave your comments in comment box below.

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