BAN Oiliness from your Skin

1. Wash off that oil : Wash your face three times a day with a medicated soap and hot water. Hot water helps dissolving and washing away skin oil.

2. Exercise : Regular workout improves blood circulation and unclog pores. In fact, sweating is healthy for the skin. You`d notice that when you sweat regularly, your skin becomes less oily and the frequancy of acne outbreaks decreases.

3. A sothing pack : Apply a mud pack at least twice eack week. You can make your own mask at home by mixing up fuller`s earth, sandalwood powder, neem powder and a pinch of turmeric powder. apply this paste evenly on the face leave to dry. Wash off with cold water and dab your face with rose water.

4. Astringent help : Use a astringent to reduce oiliness. You can also use astringent pads that are available at most pharamacies and grocery stores. These come in handy while travelling.

5. The right pill : Contraceptive pills can at times effect your hormones and increse oiliness. So check with you doctor if you can change the type of pill you use to help control oily skin.

6. Avoid excess exfoliation : Exfoliation often triggers off excessive oil production. If you exfoliate, do  so only once or twice a week to prevent an increase in oil production.

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