Soil types and Characteristics

On this earth there are so many different soil types vary. And the land has the functions and benefits. More details, here are the kinds of soils and character traits you need to know:

1. Soil Compos

Soil Compos is a type of soil which is usually found in your area each, because this land is usually found in countries with tropical climates one of them is Indonesia. Topsoil is often encountered, perhaps even on a daily basis can be found at neighborhood around you.Soil Compos has a dark color with a crumbly texture. For those of you who may not know the type of soil that is around you, maybe the soil is Compos soil as characteristic feature that you mentioned earlier.


Another feature of this soil Compos soil that is formed from leaves, because the soil is very fertile, so overgrown with a variety of plants. This land is also located in the uppermost layer of the earth, so that the soil is what you walk on every day.

2. Soil Deposition

Miscellaneous land and the characteristics of the next character is the plant sludge. Soil sediment or also known as alluvial soil is formed by the river mud, which are then deposited in the plains. Soil alluvial sediment or soil has a dark color. Because they are made of mud that makes the alluvial soil has a texture like mud.

3. Peat

Soil is formed in a swamp area has a wet and soft texture. No wonder peat soil texture such as the formation of a marsh area, know yourself swampy area is the area where there are air. Soil is acidic and has a dark color. But the land is not suitable for growing plants, because the peat soil is less fertile soil types. Because it will not get the maximum results if you are planting in peat soil. This land can be met in Indonesia.


4. Sand Land

As the name implies, this soil contains gravel. Because it contains gravel and the land is very easy to go through the water. However, this land contains little Compos so it is not suitable for farming. Because they contain gravel or ground rock is very suitable as a building material. So this makes the most requested sandy soil as a building material.

5. Soil Volcanic

As the name implies volcanic soil is formed from a volcanic eruption material. Volcanic soil or also known as the land of volcanoes contain high nutrients. Because of its high nutrient The volcanic soil is perfect used as farmland. Volcanic soil is very fertile soil, so the plants are planted in it then it will flourish. As the name implies this land also can be found at the slopes of the volcano.

6. Clay

Miscellaneous soil characteristics and traits which further is clay. Clay or also known as the clay is very difficult to pass water because the texture of clay. Clay is a kind of poor soils that are not suitable for agriculture. But clay or clay is usually used for making pottery. Although infertile but this plant has great benefits to humans that can be used as pottery used for daily human needs or just as decoration.

Good information and characteristics Miscellaneous land above characteristics can be useful.

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