What Is Hydroponics?

Reporting from Wikipedia page, Hydroponics is a word derived from the Greek hydro meaning water and ponos which means power.

Hydroponics in the agricultural world also known as the cultivation of plants without using soil media or called soilless culture.

So can we conclude from hydroponics understanding is one of the crops with the water but do not use soil media in order to emphasize the nutritional requirements of the plant.


In the study of language, hydro meaning water while working ponos means. So, if we mean by language. Hydroponics is a way to cultivate plants flora with more emphasis on meeting the needs of plants or more simple nutrition farm without land but by water media.

Hydroponics system against the background of high public interest will be very important for the development of the fertilizer needs of plants.

How Hydroponics emergence History?


In a book entitled Sylva Sylvarum Francis Bacon essay printed in 1628 states that the beginning of farming with the system without using soil media was in 1627.

In the year system hydroponic cultivation techniques become very popular research. Then 77 years later a man named John Woodward conduct aquaculture experiments with spearmint.

He stated that the plants that grow with less water pure media better than plants grown with pure water.

Then in 1842, two German nationals Julius von Saches and Wilhelm Knop 9 compile a list of elements that are needed in plant growth.

And not long after that the years 1859-1865 the use of cropping systems without the use of soil experienced a very significant development.

This technique is a technique in which plants to cultivate more emphasis on the nutritional requirements of the plant. So with this model became a standard as a research and learning techniques.

Today Solution culture a technique planting medium but without providing nutrients.

No one century ago that in 1929, a researcher from the University of California named William Frederick Gericke Solution officially promote culture as a solution to generate and cultivate crops.

But first he called it the aquaculture (aquaculture), but this name was already popular in the cultivation of aquatic animals.

In his first experiments he did on tomato plants that can grow as high as 25 feet creeping behind his house. He utilize as a mineral nutrient solution other than land.

Thus the term hydroponics first made popular by University of California researchers that William Frederick Gericke as a way of farming using water.

In the development of the technique with many hydroponic systems is done only in every small as a hobby or a favorite in the community, especially Indonesia.

But not a few have also been commercializing the results of this hydroponic plants. But considering the social and economic aspects.

The types of plants are often cultivated with the system hydroponics peppers, tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, melon, eggplant and lettuce.

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