What Is Hydroponics Growing Media?


After we explained about the meaning and history emerge hydroponics now to explain the meaning of hydroponic growing media.

Median hydroponic planting is a medium which is made of a material or materials other than land used as a place of growth and development of plant roots.

From the above understanding, the hydroponic growing media serves as a prop to be able to stand upright plant that is not easily collapse.

Here we can see that a very noticeable difference between planting a conventional manner with a hydroponic system. That lies in the planting medium used.

If the conventional way as is common to use the land. But in the hydroponic system using non-soil media.

In commercial or hobby, then it is better before planting using hydroponics system should first identify a wide range of planting medium used.

Since the selection of planting medium will greatly affect the outcome planted. And also make sure the media selected cropping appropriate and readily available and in accordance with the budget.

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